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Billabong - Pale AleThis is not bad. Floral aromas mixed with peach and passionfuit. The palate is malty, with a sweet citrus and candied character. A bit tart too. Quite bitter on the finish.

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Tasted 30 June 2009. 330ml bottle, 4.5% Alc/Vol.


Billabong - BlondeFinally I get around to tasting a couple of these gluten free beers from Billabong. Pale yellow colour with very little head. Smells floral, malty and of green pears. Some slightly vegetal notes too. The palate has a medicinal character that is too obvious and off putting. Cardboard, vegetal and bitter, grassy metallic hops too. Unfortunately there are not many gluten free options on the market and this one is not recommended.

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