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Tasted Wednesday 28 October 2009. 355ml bottle, 9.1% Alc.Vol


“An extreme style with flavour that is hell-bent on palate destruction….

Great Divide - Hercules - Double IPAI’m a hophead. Thought I’d make that clear, although many of you would have figured that out by now.

Hearing that this beer was available again got me salivating – quite disgustingly so…….

And yes it has lived up to my expectations and it’s been a number of years since trying it last. Quite simply this is full on – malt and hops jostling for attention but I feel that the malt dominates the most. Big sinus clearing, pine scented hops bounce out of the glass with toffee apple and malt extract.
The palate offers a big malt character again, rich and full. Molasses/golden syrup-like, oily alcohol that tries to rear its head but is battered back down with the said malt and building hops. While the hops build and extract themselves and crash on the rocky shores of my tongue leaving a pleasant wake of bitterness, I feel the malt needs to be toned down some.

Nevertheless it is an extreme and challenging beer that is strangely addictive. A big thumbs up from me.


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Tasted Tuesday 8 September 2009. 330ml bottle, 4.5% Alc/Vol


There’s a bit of tongue in cheek with this beer. The label shows an old ship at the pier suggesting that this beer has been imported from some far away exotic land.  In fact this beer is brewed at the Mildura Brewery and is very much a modern style, and fairly far away from the Hawthorn we all know!!

However, this beer is the perfect “session” Pale Ale. It is not going to blow your door wide open but a “few” could easily be knocked back in good company without needing to think about the beer too much.

It pours a clear golden orange with a creamy white head. There are some yeasty, spicy aromas with tropical fruits and a “burnt sugar” note. The palate is light to medium and quite refreshing. Malty, caramalised citrus rind, sweet spice and low bitterness and a smooth dry finish make this a pleasant all round beer. I must admit I was a little skeptical about this beer before trying it but since then it has often been my knock off beer.

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Billabong - Pale AleThis is not bad. Floral aromas mixed with peach and passionfuit. The palate is malty, with a sweet citrus and candied character. A bit tart too. Quite bitter on the finish.

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Cascade - First Harvest - AleTasted 15 May 2009. 330ml bottle, 5.5% Alc/Vol.


Strikingly clear and amber in colour. Compared to other craft brewery releases of similar style this pales in comparison. While this is reasonably pleasant to drink it smells and tastes like a commercial beer. Not much aroma. Slightly metallic and grassy hops and mild nutty malt. The palate is malty with a slight creamy background. Some nutty hints too. Hops appear late and taste stale and metallic. Short finish. Overall a bland and uninspiring beer.

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Tasted 15 May 2009. 330ml Bottle, 4.6% Alv/Vol


Bridge Rd Brewers - Harvest AlePity it’s released during the winter, I could drink this all summer. It has a kind of Spring feel to it though. Lively hoppy and citrus aromatics. The palate is lightish and fresh with delicate, fruity, malty characters and subtle creaminess. I would prefer more mid palate ooomph. Hops are more subdued on the palate than what the nose would suggest and it is little short on the finish. Overall thist is a good beer and it will have broad appeal. Recommended.

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After losing his brewery to the recent bush fires, Simon has been busy using the facilities at Mountain Goat and Red Hill brewery producing kegs of his beer to keep the amber flowing at many pubs and bars.

Now the Pale Ale is back on line in the bottle. Brewed at Mountain Goat and as good as ever. Nice malty aromas with fresh pine scented hops. Light bodied but full flavoured. Soft creamy malt and quite bitter towards the end building as it goes. Very fresh and crisp with spot on carbonation. Welcome back Hargreaves Hill! More info at Hargeaves Hill Blog http://www.hargreaveshillbrewingco.blogspot.com/

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Tasted 28 April 2009. 500ml bottle, 6.5% Alc/Vol.

New Zealand.

Superb beer! Grand Champion Beer at the Melbourne International Beer Awards 2003. Pale Ales are my favourite style and this rocks my taste buds. A strong amber colour. Aromas were not intense (beer was a bit too cold) but showed caramel toffee, biscuit, and fresh flowery hops. The palate was rich and sweetly malted with toffee, afghan biscuit, powerful resinous and lingering hops with a dry finish.

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