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Some quirky New Zealand beers are now available at Purvis Cellars….check these out!

The Mussel Inn - Captain CookerThe Mussel Inn - Dark HorseThe Mussel Inn - Golden Goose

The Mussel Inn Dark Horse Porter. Very dark and roasty – not too dry. A solid and dependable performer – pulls away strong at the finish.

The Mussel Inn Golden Goose Lager. A hoppy golden lager. No shell, no feathers, just pure gold.

The Mussel Inn Captain Cooker Manuka Honey Beer. A red brown beer flavoured with the freshly picked tips of the Manuka tree. A very distinctive beer with proven medicinal qualities. The only one out of 240 New Zealand beers to rate 10 out of 10 in Keith Stewarts book ‘The complete guide to New Zealand Beer’. Also featured in ‘Best – a New Zealand compendium’. Compiled by Ella Griffiths, published by Awa Press. Also available on tap at Hopgood’s in Trafalgar St. Nelson, The Abbey at Appleby and Jester House in Tasman.

Purchase them at Purvis Cellars here

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Tasted Wednesday 30 September 2009. 6.2% Alc/Vol, 500ml bottle

New Zealand

Three Boys - Oyster StoutQuite possibly this is the best Three Boys beer.

This is a very smooth and complex beer. It pours black with a brown, tightly packed, head. There are coffee bean/dark cocoa, mocha-like aromas, dark dried fig/plum and seaspray.

Rich and deep and velvety smooth on the palate with carbonation that is perhaps a little too obvious. It has bitter/sweet roasted malt flavours, dark cooking cocoa, charred nuts, crushed seashell minerality and sweet creaminess. There is a lovely bitterness that slowly builds on the finish and lingers.

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Tasted Wednesday 30 September 2009. 4.5% Alc/Vol 500ml bottle

New Zealand

Lighthouse Brewery - Cheeky Little - LagerWith a label like that you have to wonder if there is anything to like inside the bottle.

Fortunately there is.

While it is uncomplicated this beer is surprisingly pleasing. However you would need to like lagers. Pale straw in colour with a very white head.

Light malt on the nose with some grassy, wet hay notes and lemon. The palate is very light, cleansing and crisp with light malt again and a pleasing lingering hoppy bitterness on the finish.

I can imagine a few “cheeky lagers” while throwing an arm over in the backyard this summer.

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Tasted Saturday August 1 2009. 500ml bottle, 6.66% Alc/Vol.

New Zealand.

Epic - Armageddon - 500mlThanks to my sister who brought this over to me while visiting from Wellington, NZ. Quite simply this was worth the wait. This is a beast of a beer, a palate destroyer. While there are big hop characters to this beer there is a pleasing refreshing “light” element to the palate. Colour is good, clear and deep honey amber. Powerful pine scented hop aromas dominate initially then some lovely passion fruit, tropical notes and toffee maltiness come through. Very malty on the palate with hints of caramel and grapefruit with dried citrus rind, smooth toasty biscuity malt and that massive hop bitterness driving full throttle the line and length of my palate leaving lingering bitterness in its wake. This is a beer for hop heads only and those who desire to be challenged. Available at Purvis Cellars soon!

Note the alcohol level…..:)

Extra notes from Craig, Adam and Chuck.

A clear, attractive orange/copper colour and a smalloff-white head. Very, very, very hoppy. Nutty, citrus (mandarin), burnt orange  cinnamon, and clean tasting. Alcohol not noticable suggesting a well balanced beer. Smooth with malty back palate and heavily hopped front palate. Too hoppy for Craig but he agreed that it will suit IPA fans.

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Wigram - Muncher - DunkelTasted 29 July 2009. 500ml bottle, 5.0% Alc/Vol.

New Zealand

The Aviator picture on the front refers to the now deactivated Wigram RNZAF Base.

The beer is really good and true to style. Dark amber in colour with a big, dense off white head.

Aromas of grilled nuts, chocolate malt and yeast. The palate is smooth and medium bodied with a soft maltiness, subtle coffee, toasty and nutty. Nice mild bitterness on the finish. This is a very good session beer that is uncomplicated and pleasantly flavoured.

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Tasted Monday 5 may 2009. 500ml bottle, 7.5% Alc/Vol.

New Zealand

By far the best Renaissance beer. Some stout- like characters are evident that just adds to the interest and complexity. Very dark, almost jet black in the glass (Without the benefit of a bright light of natural light this may show a blood red hue). poured a dense off-white head that hung around for a while. Aromas of dark roasted coffee beans, molasses, dark chocolate and burnt caramel. Don’t drink this too cold or you will miss a lot of the complexities on the palate, 8-10 degrees would be ideal. Full bodied, very rich and super malty flavours coat the tongue. Exotic spice, baked almonds, toasty and charry stout-like notes, dark chocolate, boiled toffee and espresso coffee. Plenty of sweetness there but not as much as expected and certainly not dominating. Hop bitterness somehow makes it way through all those flavours and provides a pleasant finish to a marvelous beer. The 500ml bottle was plenty.

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Tasted Friday 1 May 2009. 500ml bottle, 6.5% Alc/Vol.

New Zealand.

After trying the last three Dux beers I had high expectations of this beer. The aromatics were nice with typical roasted/burnt, nutty, and coffee notes. The palate started out full, sweetish and rich but quickly dropped away to be a bit thin and short, leaving me a bit disappointed. There wasn’t an abundance of complex flavours and it came across more as a strong porter.Flavours were nice and smooth with some sweet malt, chocolate, roasted chestnut and charriness, but the beer was pretty light on for a “Strong Stout”. Alcohol was well contained. Certainly this is a session stout but I expected more richness, concentration and challenging flavours. Nice but not amazing.

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