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Tasted Friday 15/5 2009. 500ml bottle, 10% Alc/Vol.


A super duper beer. Very dark brown colour. Smells of molasses, dark roasted nuts, coffee bean and hops. Very rich and warming to drink. Really mouth filling and malty. There are some slightly charry stout-like flavours too. Exotic spice, toasted nuts and sweet toffee. The sweetness is pulled back nicely by the seamless hop infusion interwoven through the line and length of the beer. The finish is long, lingering and hoppy. Just fantastic……..and soul satisfying. The 500ml bottles are a perfect size for this kind of beer. Drink at around 8-10 degrees for best flavour results.


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Mystery beer revealed:

James Squire Mad Brewers Ten20 Commemorative Ale 2008

Review winner:


Well done and a 6pk of Mountain Goat Hightail Ale goes to you. Your review has also been added here

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Tasted 3 April 2009. 330ml bottle, 7.5% Alc/Vol.


Due to just plain laziness I have just posted my notes in their most basic form. Good beer though.

Aroma: citrus, raisin, nuts, toffee, fruity, cashew, vanilla, grassy. Palate: Sweet, bitter, caramel, full, fresh, tart, sharp, grilled walnut, oily, warm, creamy.

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Tasted Tuesday 5 May 2009. 330ml bottle, 12% Alc/Vol.



“Intergalactic fantastic oak-aged stout” is what the label says. Intergalactic indeed….this is light years away from regular beer. This is a beer in the extreme. An orchestra of flavour, a Normandy landing, a fully worked muscle car, a Mr Olympian, a small thermonuclear device….and I tried a stronger beer the night after……

So having recovered I refer to my notes: Black, black as sin in colour, almost no head. Aromas are incredibly tarry, charcoal, burnt chestnuts, and even fragrant pine like notes trying to be heard. It even smells sweet and thick and rich. No holds barred flavours of very sweet/ molasses darkest roasted malt (understatement) charcoal, warm and toasty chestnut, soft dark berries, road tar, crushed rock and cedar.  Then to finish some strong hop bitterness comes out of nowhere lingering and offsetting the sweetness. This is a beer for the experienced, someone who has been around the block (quite a few times). For me this was a bit too overpowering and sweet, but an experience it was and it will be remembered.

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Thanks to all who attended the Mikkeller tasting on Wednesday 6 May. Those who wish to post a review of the “mystery Beer” may do so here and the best review will WIN a 6pk of Mountain Goat Hightail Ale. Please email a copy of your review to simon@purviscellars.com.au with your name, suburb of residence and contact number. The mystery beer will be revealed with the winner of the best review at midday Friday May 15. Details will be posted here with the winners name (or initials if preferred). Winner will be notified by phone. Thank you for taking part.

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Tasted Monday 5 may 2009. 500ml bottle, 7.5% Alc/Vol.

New Zealand

By far the best Renaissance beer. Some stout- like characters are evident that just adds to the interest and complexity. Very dark, almost jet black in the glass (Without the benefit of a bright light of natural light this may show a blood red hue). poured a dense off-white head that hung around for a while. Aromas of dark roasted coffee beans, molasses, dark chocolate and burnt caramel. Don’t drink this too cold or you will miss a lot of the complexities on the palate, 8-10 degrees would be ideal. Full bodied, very rich and super malty flavours coat the tongue. Exotic spice, baked almonds, toasty and charry stout-like notes, dark chocolate, boiled toffee and espresso coffee. Plenty of sweetness there but not as much as expected and certainly not dominating. Hop bitterness somehow makes it way through all those flavours and provides a pleasant finish to a marvelous beer. The 500ml bottle was plenty.

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Tasted Friday 1 May  (& Saturday 2 May) 2009. 330ml bottle, 6.1% Alc/Vol.


red-hill-brewery-hop-harvestLooking forward to this beer, I quickly snaffled a couple of bottles as it was being delivered upon finishing work for the day on Friday afternoon. Glowing red/orange in colour with beautiful aromas of flowery hops and toffee malt. Full flavoured, rich, spicy, sweet biscuit, malt and fresh, strong, lingering  bitterness. Tasting as fresh and vibrant as a beer could be, I suspect that it will fill out a touch more over the next couple of months. As always this beer is well worth the effort to track down (very limited). Perhaps a couple of glasses on a sunny autumn Sunday afternoon at the brewery over a lazy lunch….

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