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Tasted 15 July 2009. 500ml bottle, 8.2% Alc/Vol.


Schneider Weiss - Hopfen WeissThis beer is a collaboration between two long time friends, Schneider brewmaster Hans-Peter Drexler and Brooklyn brewmaster Garrett Oliver.
It pours a cloudy, golden yellow in colour. The nose is quite intense with plenty of coriander spice, malt, and clove and citrus.
The palate is where it is at. Full and rich with a soft wheaty character, lemon, coriander spice, clove, warm slightly oily alcohol and a sharp lemon and orange rind zest that flows seamlessly into a bitter hop finish.
Not for everyone but bloody well worth a try!

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Tasted Thursday 18 June 2009. 330ml bottle, 7.9% Alc/Vol.


Paulaner - SalvatorThis brewery’s first recorded document can be traced right back to the year 1634. It was a written complaint to the Neudeck ob der Au Monastry from local private breweries. Paulaner Salvator was originally brewed to sustain the monks during the fasting period of Lent to assist the monks through this “difficult” time. What wasn’t used was sold or given away, and the beer became so popular that the local breweries complained about competition from the monastery.

A bottom-fermenting beer, it is a rich dark orange in colour with a fast dissipating head. Aromas are sweet citrus and nutty with underlying grassy notes, touches of caramel too.
Medium bodied with a sweet, malty, soft and creamy mouth feel, marmalade, grilled nuts, mild bitterness and fairly good length.
While there will be many who enjoy this style, but if you are top-fermenting fan it may not suit.
Drink at around 6 degrees.

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