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People always ask us “what is your favourite beer?” This is truly a hard question to answer. Being surrounded by so much beer we don’t really have one beer that we favour above the rest. Instead we have many favourites. What we drink can depend upon mood, time of year, price and strength (alcohol and taste). So we decided to each choose what we thought was our personal top 6 session craft beers.
What is a session beer? We would define this as a beer that is easy to drink but offers more interest than the mass produced commercial crap – you know the ones…….
The beers would be fairly straight forward and uncomplicated. Not extreme in any way. They are a beer that you can sit down to a “few” of and not feel overcome by a particular flavour or feel challenged. These beers would be able to be consumed without needing to think about it too much but be completely enjoyable.
After much debate, raised voices, occasional tantrum and one of us storming out of the shop we finally came to a consensus.

These are what we believe to be our top 6 Australian session craft beers, in no particular order:

McLaren Vale Ale. A lightly malted clean and fresh tasting beer. Popular amongst the South Australian winemakers after a hard day in the vineyard or winery.

Bridge Rd Brewers Beechworth Australian Ale. A pale ale that is a perfect starting point if you are just starting to expand your horizons. Malty with delicate spicy and fruity aromas and a hint of pepper. Beautifully malty, soft and smooth in the mouth malty with subtle hop bitterness and balanced carbonation.

Little Creatures Pale Ale. An Australian classic. Fruity orange and passionfruit aromas with obvious floral hops. Again quite malty on the palate with citrus and spicy fresh hops that dominate towards the finish.

Arctic Fox Lager. A serious lager.A pleasing nose of orange peel, malt and herbal hops (albeit quite subtle). The flavour has a definite refreshing character and fullish and round through the middle palate. Again orange peel comes to mind with a touch of spice, a soft malty mouth feel and good carbonation.

Mountain Goat Steam Beer. New from the Goats. Aromas of subtle malt and fresh grassy hop character. The palate is soft, mildly malty on the front and mid palate, slightly grassy with crisp carbonation and a nice drawn out hop bitterness lingering at the end.

Red Angus Pilsner. A cracking malty, mildly hoppy and completely refreshing pilsner. Has enough interest to be a cut above commercial brands.

Let us know your top 6 Australian “session” craft beers here.

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