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Tasted Thursday 18 February 2010. 330ml bottle, 9.4% Alc/Vol


Red Duck are making a statement, intentionally or unintentionally. This beer is pushing the boundaries. We need more like it. The colour is black with an espresso crema coloured head, not huge or thick, just a nice coating, which fades quickly. It is hard to extract the complexities from it, but a little air and warmth (it was at about 4 degrees initially) reveals dark toffee, coffee and floral hops. Built like an Ox the flavours are masses of molasses/toffee (almost muscat or port like) with charcoal and roasted nut. It has plenty of body yet it slips down remarkably easily being soft, rich and warming. The beer is well balanced, the alcohol is obvious yet kept in check, complimenting rather than dominating, the beer finishing bittersweet with some nice lingering hoppiness. An excellent Australian interpretation

Purchase from Purvis Cellars website


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Some quirky New Zealand beers are now available at Purvis Cellars….check these out!

The Mussel Inn - Captain CookerThe Mussel Inn - Dark HorseThe Mussel Inn - Golden Goose

The Mussel Inn Dark Horse Porter. Very dark and roasty – not too dry. A solid and dependable performer – pulls away strong at the finish.

The Mussel Inn Golden Goose Lager. A hoppy golden lager. No shell, no feathers, just pure gold.

The Mussel Inn Captain Cooker Manuka Honey Beer. A red brown beer flavoured with the freshly picked tips of the Manuka tree. A very distinctive beer with proven medicinal qualities. The only one out of 240 New Zealand beers to rate 10 out of 10 in Keith Stewarts book ‘The complete guide to New Zealand Beer’. Also featured in ‘Best – a New Zealand compendium’. Compiled by Ella Griffiths, published by Awa Press. Also available on tap at Hopgood’s in Trafalgar St. Nelson, The Abbey at Appleby and Jester House in Tasman.

Purchase them at Purvis Cellars here

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Tasted Wednesday 30 September 2009. 6.2% Alc/Vol, 500ml bottle

New Zealand

Three Boys - Oyster StoutQuite possibly this is the best Three Boys beer.

This is a very smooth and complex beer. It pours black with a brown, tightly packed, head. There are coffee bean/dark cocoa, mocha-like aromas, dark dried fig/plum and seaspray.

Rich and deep and velvety smooth on the palate with carbonation that is perhaps a little too obvious. It has bitter/sweet roasted malt flavours, dark cooking cocoa, charred nuts, crushed seashell minerality and sweet creaminess. There is a lovely bitterness that slowly builds on the finish and lingers.

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Tasted Tuesday 3 September 2009. 500ml bottle, 5.4% Alc/Vol


Fullers - London - PorterThis is a very good, serious porter. I would put this in the “session” class (for dark beers) as it slips down rather too easily. The colour is suggestive of a rich full bodied beer, dark brown with copper edges and a fairly dense head.

The aromas are complex and pleasing. There is a pleasant malty, roasted nuttiness (that reminds me of walking past those mobile chestnut roasting carts you often see on Elizabeth St) with chocolate, smokey and meaty (bacon) characters.

Rich, medium to full bodied and velvety on the palate with chocolate, charry woodiness, walnut, meaty/vegemite yeastiness and a dry hoppy bitterness that builds at the end leaving a pleasant lingering flavour. The good thing about this beer is that it has rich sweet malt character but not too much. Highly recommended.

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Tasted Tuesday 25 August 2009. 750ml bottle, 8% Alc/Vol


Bridge Rd Brewers - Imperial Porter - 750mlBrewer Ben Kraus has turned up the temperature and laid down the gauntlet to all Australian micro-breweries with this beer.
Mean dark and angry looking like a Doberman guard dog behind a flimsy fence daring you to come near it.
The espresso crema coloured head is the flimsy fence between you and the beast within.

Aged in old red wine barrels from the famous Giaconda winery this beer has big aromas that are, strangely, peach and apricot (which Ben explains is most likely from dry hopping the beer with Nelson Sauvin hops). Undertones of cedery, smoky and floral notes come through too.
While there is a big hit of flavour the beer isn’t as heavy as one might expect.

That aside there is plenty to think about. It has charry, woody characters, bitter chocolate, coffee/cocoa, that fruitiness again and roasted nuts. Yet it is still smooth with a good level of sweetness and the finish is a big whack of extreme bitter hops that I could taste for minutes after. Alcohol is 8% and almost undetectable. Outstanding.

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Nogne - PorterTasted 15 May 2009. 500ml bottle, 7.0% Alc/Vol.


Fairly straightforward but nonetheless pleasing. Medium bodied, very smooth and slightly sweet. Some charry flavours, nutty hints, chocolate and roasted malt. Mild hop bitterness and a drying finish. Nice but not memorable.

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Murrays - PorterTasted 15 May 2009. 500ml bottle, 7.0% Alc/Vol.


Murray’s make good beer, period. This porter is a stand out. Chocolate, char, and nutty aromas with pine scented hops. The palate is rich, sweet (not too sweet), and full with chocolate nuttiness and subtle roasted and coffee characters. Nice balanced but obvious hop bitterness on the end with good persistence of flavour. Satisfying stuff.

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