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Tasted Saturday 28 November 2009. 500ml botlle, 5.3% Alc/Vol.


While this beer isn’t pushing the envelope it is a massive improvement on the Pale Lager. An unusual old style of brewing was used in the production of this beer with hot wood fired stones being added to the kettle to caramalise the brew.

It pours a deep amber colour with a creamy off-white head with good retention. There is malty, toffee, nutty and citrus zest aromas. The palate is richly flavoured and soft but a bit light through the middle palate. It is quite malty yet not too sweet, with balanced carbonation. Caramel and roasted nuts and dried fruit are there too and it finishes dry, somewhat short, with very subtle hop bitterness.

A very good session beer.

Check out the video here of the hot stone method.

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Tasted Wednesday 18 November 2009.


Two new releases from The Little Brewery in Port Macquarie NSW.
These Mad Abbot versions of Belgian styles are solid rather that outstanding. In saying that, the time is right for Australian breweries to be pushing the boundaries and these beers are heading in the right direction.

The Dubbel (right) is a burnished copper colour with a nice thick head (with a vigorous pour mind you), with plenty of roasted malty aroma. The flavour is full and rich with hints of dried fruit and roasted malt again and the finish is dry but mildly sour which will appeal to some. 6.9% Alc/Vol. 330ml bottle.



The Triple (left) is golden in colour with a similar head thickness to the Dubbel. It is sweet smelling with yeasty, clove and citrus rind notes and an aromatic spicy hop aroma.

Rich and smooth to drink, light to medium bodied with tropical and citrus fruit, sweet malt and alcohol warmth. It finishes dry and a little astringent (as if someone put a tea bag in it) and quite bitter. 9.5% Alc/Vol. 330ml bottle.

Overall these are nice beers and easy to drink despite their alcohol content but a little way off many of the real Belgians.

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Tasted Wednesday 18 November 2009. 330ml bottle, 5.9% Alc/Vol


The fine folk at Red Hill Brewery are not shy in packing flavour and character into their beers.
This is an unfiltered beer that is quite golden in colour. Big spicy, piney hop aromas with subtle banana, malt and yeasty characters greet the nose.
Fat Czech style maltiness (without being overly heavy) and a rich, slightly viscous texture (probably the 5.9% alc) roll lazily around the mouth. The hops extract themselves providing a dry, cleansing, long and fresh, bitter finish. Not really a “session” beer, rather it is something you can have two or three of, but requires your full attention.

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