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Tasted Wednesday 28 October 2009. 500ml bottle, 4.7% Alc/Vol


Black Sheep - Monty Python's Holy GrailA fairly standard English Bitter style. It has a good clear amber colour with a creamy but thin head. Quite malty on the nose showing caramel, grassy/hay, yeast, floral and faint citrus notes.

Soft and malty on the palate with caramel and fruity notes. A gentle creamy/yeasty characters and late bitterness rounded it off. Overall quite pleasing, a little light but very easy to drink. Found the flavours were a bit more pronounced when it warmed up a bit


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Tasted Tuesday 8  September 2009. 500ml Bottle, 4.2% Alc/Vol


Well this was just plain disappointing. It had a dark brown nearly completely black colour and a fast fading off white head.

It certainly smelt like coffee but the kind of wet used coffee grinds from the percolator. Some charry notes and a hint of chocolate and nutty almond character were evident.

Here is where the beer really falls down though. Instead of a rich, full palate (and it doesn’t need to be a whopping malt driven beer to be any good) it was thin, watery, dry and bitter with stale coffee, weak malt and no length of palate.

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Tasted 25 August 2009. 500ml bottle, 5.3% Alc/Vol.


Fullers - IPAThis is what I would call a session IPA. While it will still be a bit much for some, this is a lighter, friendlier style of IPA and quintessentially English.

Light amber in colour with a small head. Peachy and floral aromas combine with a spicy “green” hop character.
The palate is very English; soft, malty and quite hoppy and on the lighter side. Spicy hop bitterness attacks mid palate with plenty of slightly sweet malty character towards the back then a nice lingering bitterness again. This is a lovely beer with balance and approachability, something I personally could sit down to a “few” of.

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Tasted 19 August 2009. 500ml bottle, 4.5%Alc/Vol


Brains - The Rev JamesIf you are after a beer that you don’t need to think about while you are drinking, this is one of them. The beer is quite straightforward, inoffensive and very easy drinking…..yet strangely pleasing.

Not much on the nose….a slight nutty, raisiny aroma and subtle grassy hops. While reasonably deep ruby red in colour the palate wasn’t as full as I would have expected. Mild and smooth maltiness, subtle toasty biscuit character with an earthy grassy hoppiness. It is short on the finish and fairly unexciting, but it is nice and does go down easily.

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Tasted 19 August 2009. 330ml bottle 6.6% Alc/Vol


Innis & Gunn - Oak Aged BeerTHE biggest selling specialist beer at Purvis Cellars…bar none. Malty nutty and toffee aromas with hints of vanilla and whisky. Divinely smooth on the palate which is at once light and refreshing and rich and malty. Definite nutty, vanilla oak and honey combined with citrus and toffee. Mild hops provide a delightful finish that goes on forever.

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Tasted Tuesday 18 August 2009. 500ml bottle, 4.8% Alc/Vol


This is a smooth, mild and highly satisfying English ale. Named after the adjustable wrench, I fail to see how this relates to the beer. Well that’s English beer names for you.

Deep amber/ruby red in colour. The aromas are mild with malty toffee, exotic spice and floral notes. The palate was smooth and malty sweet with flavours of roasted nuts, caramel, biscuit, subtle burnt/charry malt and mild bitterness rounding off at the end. This is an extremely enjoyable full flavoured beer and not at all challenging. I’d be happy to sit on a few of these in good company.

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Tasted Tuesday 11 August 2009. 500ml bottle, 4.8% Alc/Vol


Directors - CourageThis is one of those beers that many people told they have enjoyed but I’ve never got around to drinking myself.

So! The four of us gathered around and cracked one.

Straight away the colour was attractive, a clear deep amber with a nice fluffy white head that lasted.Fruity, floral and malty aromas greeted the nose without being overly strong.

The palate was very smooth and malty – not heavy – with some pleasent citrus fruity notes. It had good depth of flavour and interest being (again) smooth, malty and mild. This is a fantastic session ale. Highly Recommended.

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