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Another fantastic and exclusive beer was held on Wednesday May 19 after hours. Thanks to all those members who attended and sorry to those who missed out. We couldn’t have possible squeezed any more in. We were fortunate enough to acquire the services of Peter Van Osta, Marketing guru of small boutique Belgian breweries in the Asia region and we thank him for his time.

Peter went through a selection of Belgian beers for us which will be in-store soon but are extremely limited. Also we had Rick from ATP distributors assisting and showing off a few of his other lines including the lovely Tenute Collesi beers from Italy.

A great night was had by all and some bloody good beers were tried. Some pics of the evening below:

Just some of the line-up

The line-up from another angle......

Getting to the nitty gritty of the tasting. Some great beers were had.

Another good crowd for a 'small' tasting., and this is just half of them!

Intense Note Taking

Peter van Osta indicates the size of Gnomes in Belgium.

Rick of ATP and Purvis store manager Adam.

A few ringins from Italy, Tenute Collesi. Very good beers!

Beer Tasting in Wine Glasses - Classy...

More extensive note taking

Adam decides enough is enough, time for a drink.

Craig Purvis and Peter van Osta deciding on their knock-off beers.


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Tasted Tuesday 11 August 2009. 330ml bottle, 9% Alc/Vol


Delirium - TremensA truly superb Belgium Strong Ale. Triple fermented, strong flavours and exquisitly balanced.

Very light and yellow in colour with some sediment visible in the glass. A nice light looking fluffy head foamed up.The nose exhibited spicy coriander, floral, candied citrus fruits and banana lollys and yeastiness.Rich, full and sweetly malted on the palate. There was almost no hint of the alcohol (just a nice warming oily hint at the end), sweet fruitiness, spice, banana and herbaceous hints. Smooth throughout and some nice crisp carbonation.

Definiately a sipping beer.

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Tasted 21 July 2009. 330ml, 9.5% Alc/Vol.


First I must say, this is a ripping beer. If anyone thinks there is a better Triple available in Australia I’d be happy to hear about it. This one is my favourite.

Westmalle - Triple - 330mlCloudy yellow in colour. Very yeasty on the nose with orange zest and hints of malty vanilla and banana.

The palate is exquisitely balanced. Everything seems well integrated. Deceptively light in body too. Spicy, yeasty, creamy, malty vanilla and a strong citrus character. Bitterness is woven throughout and lingers long at the finish. Alcohol warmth is there and well held. Crisp carbonation gives a pleasant freshness to the finish.

This is a beautifully balanced and complex beer.

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Tasted 14 July 2009. 330ml bottle, 8%Alc/Vol


Three grains – Oats, Wheat and Barley are represented here.
A blond style that is light, smooth and fruity.
Pale yellow in colour with a short lasting head. The aromas are quite fruity with lemon, clove spice and grassy notes.
On the palate it is light in body with a subtle creamy texture. Hints of caramel too as well as lemon, banana and clove spice, all wrapped up with a soft wheaty mouth feel. The alcohol is barely perceptible. No flavour seems to really dominate and the beer comes across as very well balanced and well made.

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st-bernardus-prior-8Having looked at this beer for so long on the shelves I finally took one home to try (plus the 6, Abt12 and Triple). Putting it in the fridge to just chill it slightly, I promptly forgot it was there…….new baby etc, etc. Taking it out of the fridge, I poured it into a squat, large mouthed glass and left it for 30 minutes.  The colour was deep reddish brown and suggested a full rich style. Aromas of fruitcake, vanilla biscuit and burnt toffee. Really mouth filling and rich with dark fruits, spice and sweet caramel all wrapped in a delicious creamy background. This is an excellent beer that holds its alcohol well. Drinking more than one would be a little too easy.

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Simpy one of the nicest Triple’s I’ve tried for a while.  Aromatic hops, fruity and yeasty. The nose suggests a lighter bodied beer than it really is. This builds on the palate with soft citrus and  vanilla, spicey hops and rich malty body that almost peaks sweet then abrubtly freshens out, leaving a nice lingering dry finish. Recommended.

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